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John Bealle — Indexing Services

Some Publishers of My Indexes
Brandeis University Press
Cambridge University Press
Indiana University Press
McGill-Queen's University Press
University of Alabama Press
University of Arizona Press
University of Georgia Press
University of Illinois Press
University of Pennsylvania Press
University Press of New England
Wesleyan University Press

John Bealle Indexing Services is a freelance book indexing service. I contract with authors and publishers of nonfiction materials to do back-of-the-book and other types of indexes. I guarantee fast turnaround and superlative client satisfaction.

My indexing style focuses on the distillation of complex ideas, mainly in academic and nonfiction trade books. I have substantial training in humanities and social sciences fields. I have indexed books, journals, and bibliographies and have indexes published in printed books and on the web.
This newest edition is a vast improvement...because Dunlap's history is indexed for the first time. The indexing alone makes the book worth purchasing.

—Review of William Dunlap,
A History of the American Theatre from Its Origins to 1832
indexed by John Bealle

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