Established 1955

Our 60th Family Owned and Operated Year


Corner of Newtown Rd. (Church St.)

and SR 32 (Main St.)

Newtown, Ohio 45244

Thanks for Your Continued Support

We look forward to seeing and

serving you.

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Dairy Corner is easy to get to and well worth the trip from

anywhere in the area.Click Here for a Map

†Featuring delicious freshly made frozen dairy dessert delights!

We're famous for our malts, shakes, floats, sodas, cones, dip-tops, banana splits and boats, ice balls, big wheel ice cream sandwiches, glaciers, brownie sundaes, crackling nut sundaes, crunch shakes, parfaits, turtle sundaes, sprinkles, hot dogs, chili dogs, BBQ and more!

Hand-packed quarts and pints and home made sherbets, too!

Treat Your Pet to a Doggie Sundae

Established in 1955, we believe we are

Ohio's oldest continuously operating

"Creamy Whip".

We are proudly family owned and operated.

Our Pecan Tree is the third largest in Hamilton County
and fifth largest in the State of Ohio!



Perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, Awards, Rewards, Contests, Incentives, Thank-Youís

And Special Promotions.

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Located near the eastern side of Cincinnati.

Easy to get to and well worth the trip from anywhere in the area.

If you have any photographs with the Dairy Corner in them, or a story or anecdote involving us,

please let us know.

We'd like to use them on this web site!

Here's a Cincinnati Enquirer article about Newtown (and us) from 1997

†Here's an old photo of Newtown. Can you find our location?

Here's a photo of the Newtown N&W Railroad station. Anyone remember where it was?

Here's another old photo. Where was it?